The Hand

Nick Wallace, Tong Wu

"The Hand" is an arrogant robot that plays rock, paper, scissors with human beings


“The Hand” is a ongoing project by Nick Wallace and Tong Wu. It is a 3D printed robot arm/hand that plays rock, paper, scissors (RPS) with a human user. The user interacts (plays RPS) with the hand via leap motion, and the robot reacts differently to the user based on the result of each RPS game/ongoing score. The hand does not like to lose. The hand and its enclosure are made of all inorganic materials by design, intended to evoke a feeling of coldness/distance from the user despite being a humanoid hand.


Introduction to Physical Computing

Flappy Shadow

Kai-Che Hung, Tong Wu

A project that revivifies and sets free shadow puppets from your childhood memories


“Flappy Shadow” was inspired by Tong and Kai's memories about playing shadow puppet game before sleep as little kids. It also explores the philosophical relationship of human with their shadow. The project uses Kinect to track users' hand position, and turn the bird shadow made by an user into a flying animated “shadow bird”. It now has successfully let users control the direction and the scale of the animated bird by waving and leaning closer to or farther from the Kinect. The next step will be finishing and optimizing gestures detection to give users more freedom to create and set free the shadow bird.


Introduction to Computational Media