The Exquisite Corpse

Itay Niv, Sof?a Suazo

The Exquisite Corpse is a multiplayer VR piece where participants use each other's avatar body parts as the form and material for creating sculptural pieces.


The story is centered on the sculpting practice in a 3D environment. The two participants will be placed inside a sculpting studio/gallery space, where both of them are playing the part of a sculptor and also the part of the sculpture, as they will be using their respective partners virtual body as the material for sculpting.

The participant playing as the sculptor will have the opportunity to create a virtual 3D sculpture out of it’s partner body. The sculptor will have the chance to choose body parts form their partner to start their creation. The body parts can be molded and transform into different materialities and textures. They will be used as molding blocks that can be add on as wish to create the sculpture. The body parts being used will not be torned apart from the user’s virtual body, rather be cloned to be used as an sculptural object. The avatar being used for this projects are the 3d body scans of the creators (Itay and Sofia) to also reinforce the idea of the artist's body and identity as a prime matter for creative work (the artist as an art object himself/herself).


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