ITP / IMA Winter Show 2018

Conducting Paintings
Chenyu Sun, Nianqi Zhang, Yunze Shi
Conducting the painting -- an integrated interactive way to appreciate paintings
Mood Ring
Caleb Ferguson
Mood Ring is a mirror that recognizes facial expressions and illuminates based on the viewers mood.
Reverie Field
Morgan Mueller, Woan-Chin LIN
Reverie Field acts as a self-reflection experience that allows visitors to transform a memory into light and express their associated emotions through unique dimming patterns and a final climactic animation.
Taking Flight
Defne Onen
Get lost in the sculptural light and reflections of Taking Flight!
Oren Shoham
A browser-based experimental drawing tool that records a looping audio sample every time you draw a line.
36 out of 100
Veronica Alfaro
Interactive data representation of 36 stories from women who have experienced physical and / or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some time in their life.
Roxanne Kim
Sound AR Experience
Adrian Bautista
ChatBotany allows plants to interact with and express themselves to people through a chat interface.
Shu-Ju Lin, Suzanne Li
Installation of a toilet that emotes.
The Body Pillow
Jacquelyn Liu
The Body Pillow is a speculative design that explores how can an object made out of synthetic human skin can fulfill our emotional and physical needs for human touch.
Caleb Ferguson, Meicheng Jia, Rebecca Skurnik, Yu-Hao Ko
A colossal electronic wind instrument.
War Fan
Effy Fan
NIME 2018: utopia vs dystopia | fan is a sort of mirror to society | outward facing is curated image looking ideal while inside shows "mess".
Above the Cloud
Mingna Li, Yuanyuan Wang
A magical instance to connect with outer-space creature (alien).
Constant Lineation
Casey Conchinha, Mark Lam
Exploring how a simple line can be individually expressive while also acting as a segment of a communal artifact.
Chengchao Zhu
Human daily struggle with time
Creaturely Life
Noah Pivnick
Creaturely Life explores the winding of yarn as a tactile, tangible interface for reading electronic text.
Escape the Cave
Topher Blair
A creature has been caught in a cave, and if you help him get out he'll give you a code to discover treasure!
Marcela Mancino von der Osten
We are so grateful for being together here, but still, it was never this hard to connect. Every word has a thousand unspoken words behind them. We look into each other's eyes and we see the infinity that separates us. We try to find a way to reach each other, but we get lost in the moving topography. It is frightening, but its colors and textures are so fascinating that we just let go. We give up the words. We stare into our shared infinity, we dive.
Rhythm 0.0.2
August Luhrs
an endurance experiment in anonymity and audience agency, through the lens of Marina Abramovic's original performance. Send commands secretly from your phone to the performer, which they must act out until a new command is given.
Plant Boye
Faith Zeng
Experience the satisfaction of growing your own plant friend without dealing with the real responsibilities and risks!
Mingna Li, Zhe Wang
Making hot pot with emotion.
Just Do It.
Namsoo Kim
Customizing Sneakers by AR
Business Fan
Joseph Baker
Bleeding the physical and the digital world together with an iconic folding fan.
Islands of Sound
Kexin Lin, Shijie Zhang
An interactive interface where users can compose their own ambient sounds.
Visual Mode
Alden Jones, Beverly Chou, Ellen Nickles, Ridwan Madon
You be the VJ! (with a twist)
Natural Clock
M.H. Rahmani
It's a clock that shows you the time of the day, not some arbitrary number.
Music Between Us
Jiwon Shin, Rashida Kamal
Music Between Us (title tentative) is a set of wearable musical instruments in the form of embroidered jackets, meant to be worn by two (or potentially more) users, that invites users to explore and play with the boundaries of comfort, in touching and being touched.
Moving lights
Adekemi Sijuwade
A crystal jewelry ensemble that lights up when a performer moves.
Live Pose Music
Ivy Huang, April Liu, yiyao nie
A live installation played by three users at the same time, using their face and body to play music together.
The Reporter
Nianqi Zhang, Yuanyuan Wang
The Reporter is a news exploration game based on true story, guiding people to form sensible attitude towards news.
Wenjing Liu
A set of meditating tool that resonates with user's breath, help them breathe more consciously and calm them down
Sound of Water
Xiaotong Ma
Sound instrument
Tushar Goyal
Generative music instrument that makes music algorithmically from the users voice
Reflected Landscapes
Dana Elkis, Matthew Ross
An interactive sound and light sculpture that is driven by the principles of echo, feedback and collision.
merry go sound
Sukanya Aneja
a playful interactive music box
This is not a theremin
Guillermo Montecinos, Sof“a Suazo
This is not a theremin: this is an AR and interactive representation of a theremin.
Space between us
Elvin Xingyu Ou
"Space between us" is a spatial boundary that allows people from two separate space to communicate and interact through light.
Smile, Please
Chenshan Gao, Winnie Yoe
“Smile, Please”, a speculative and dystopian system that assesses your facial expression, shocks you, and prints out a photo and grading record to train you for a perfect smile.
Flappy melody
Jingyi Wen, Xinyue Li
This is a physical "flappy bird" game where players control the bird to avoid the barriers by singing.
Dingwen Kou, Ruyi Chen
Our oblivious sonic footprint can cause acoustic trauma or even death to underwater life.
Helen Hutchens, Xiaoshi Liang
Sensorship explores what happens when censorship is not longer an omission but a transmutation, by challenging two people—whether near-strangers or old friends—to hop in and figure out how to convey a message when your earpiece is against you.
The Giving Plant
Idith Barak, Jacky Chen, Tsimafei Lobiak
A living plant made out of fabric.
Fenfen CHEN
Use the power of your muscle to control your own wings
Panic Attack
Andri Kumar
My project simulates what a panic attack is like by focusing on the physiological manifestations of a panic attack. Using PoseNet along with other materials, users enter an “augmented reality” in which they can see how their body changes during a panic attack. The purpose of the piece is to reveal to users that while anxiety is a normal human emotion, those that have an anxiety disorder experience anxiety at a much larger scale.
Sit, Please
Carol Chen, Zhe Wang
When you sit in a chair, does the chair fit you, or do you conform to the chair?
In Cookie We Trust
Arnav Wagh, Chelsea Chen, Daniel Castano, Vidia Anindhita
In Cookie We Trust is a reinterpretation of the classic fortune cookie and the need to know one’s future. It divines your fortune, one bite at a time...but does it, really?
Nicholas Gregg
Manipulate a 3-D me with your voice.
Phubbing Puppets
Rui Wang, Su He, Helen Tang
Give us your phone, pass down ur phubbing habit ;)
Son Luu
Access to meaningful interaction has no limitation.
Find Your Flow
Nuntinee Tan
‘Find Your Flow’ is a touch sensitive interactive installation that asks you to feel every pixel of its sequin surface and follow its vibration patterns until you ‘Find Your Flow’.
Bora Aydintug
Growth is an interactive drawing tool/simulator that lets the user create and influence their own abstract organic growth simulation.
Sand Ocean
Billy Bennett
And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. Gen 1:9
Jinxed Blinks
Zoe Wells
A painting that tells a looping story by changing every time the viewer blinks.
Dance Floor MPC
Adi Dahiya
A playful dance floor experience which allows anyone to make beats with their body.
The Music Box
David Azar
Compose different music arrangements with and old-school computer and punch cards
Painting for a Moment as Wassily Kandinsky
Azalea FaghiVaseghi, Zohreh Zadbood
Collaborative Drawing experience powered By Machine Learning!
The Friendship Game
Chunhan Chen, Olivia Kung, Tianyi Xie
Test your friendship with your closest friend or the stranger closest to you by selecting shapes that represent how you feel about a given emotion.
IT guy
Simon Jensen
Take over another persons computer during a video-conversation
Gilad’s Box
Gilad Dor
A fully immersive light sculpture, with a unique sensory experience for the person inside in this solitary space, giving them a different perspective to the things going on around them.
Azalea FaghiVaseghi, Amitabh Shrivastava, Lauren Race
CaricaTron is an open-source robotic caricature artist from the future.
The Narcissist Mirror
Wannapa Pokakunkanon
An interactive mirror that will reveal your true beauty.
Shiyu Chen
Biometric data (fingerprint) sonification, visualization and interaction
Focus Helper
Jaekook Han
Focus and listen.
The Space Well
Haozhong Yao, Robert Ye
An experience of floating and diving into the deep space through a well.
Accumulation Study
Hannah Tardie
Accumulation Study is a sculptural study in which a robotic arm gathers material towards itself. The piece was made to perform an automated mode of production, specifically the accumulation process involved in predictive machine learning models. The form was adapted from an open-source Mime Industries .svg file, and has been influenced by the work of Anicka Yi and Lee Bul.
Cosmic Harp
Sid Chou, Louise Lessel
Inspired by an armillary sphere, the two concentric circles make up the laser harp instrument and allows the user to play sound decided by satellite data.
Solar System Tour and Navigator
Apoorva Ramakrishnan, Sarah Peng
An educational tour of our solar system with a twist that puts a planet right in the palms of the user.
Ming Pu Shao, Ada Jiang, Wannapa Pokakunkanon
An interactive and immersive sound experience of a future therapy program guided by artificial intelligence, Jane
Deep Dive
Caroline Neel
A virtual escape room using an interactive floor, wall, and Unity.
Heather Kim, Katie Krobock
CyberScamp creates a unique, playful experience where interaction with a pup reaches into both the physical and digital worlds.
Cosmic Forest
Joohyun Park
A virtual world synthesized with latent representation of forest sounds.
Julia Rich, Stefan Skripak
Interactive garden that invites viewers to touch and discover.
Memory Monster
Carol Chen, Wenjing Liu
A website to share your memory of childhood and see how your memory and others' will affect how the memory monster looks like.
Dana Elkis
Since the day I was born I heard a total of 673 minutes of sirens = 11 hours and 22 minutes.
Data Structures
Lydia Jessup
In a world of “big data,” what story will you choose to tell when you have the controls?
Weather in a Jar
Chunhan Chen, Tianyi Xie
Put the real time weather from your hometown into a jar and bring it with you all the time.
Alison Huang
Music your way
Soft Steen
Rachel Lim
A soft, small scale interactive reproduction of Jan Steen's painting, "As the Old Sing, So Pipe the Young"
Data Viz: reimagined
Assel Dmitriyeva
Data visualisation: reimagined. Persistence of vision (POV) creates optical illusion of 3D globe with data points.
Feeling in the Time
Khensu-Ra Love El, Raaziq Brown
America is going through a chaotic time, we want to know how YOU feel about it?
Tsimafei Lobiak
A relaxing musical experience with generative art
8 Sounds of the Nature
Sid Chou, Chenhe Zhang, Sachiko Nakajima
Ancient Chinese Philosophy expressed with immersive sounds by touching different objects.<br />
Sharifa's Workstation
Lauren Race, Simon Jensen
A custom workstation, built with Human-Centered Design, for a client who has Muscular Dystrophy, that allows her to work from home.
Peace Bomb
Alizarin Waissberg
An interactive experience aimed to cheer the world up with an explosion of positivity
LED Custom Controller
Karina Hyland Hernandez
Control any addressable LED fixture with this simple, intuitive, computer-less interface.
Sky Lantern the Wish
Xinyue Li, Chenyu Sun
3D Interactive Web application about wishes.
The Exquisite Corpse
Itay Niv, Sof“a Suazo
The Exquisite Corpse is a multiplayer VR piece where participants use each other's avatar body parts as the form and material for creating sculptural pieces.
Sketch To AR
Lin Zhang, Mengzhen Xiao
Sketch To AR is a tool for turning a 2D drawing in the real world into a 3D virtual object in AR.
The Sound Graffiti Machine
Aaron Ilai Sebastian MORENO AYALA
A machine that creates a navigable virtual soundscape from peoples voices and other sources.
The mystery machine
Arnab Chakravarty
A mysterious machine full of dials, knobs and controls needs to be unlocked to save the world from digital doom. Are you up for the challenge?
The invisible bird
Tanic Nakpresha, Yuguang Zhang
How long we’ve been trapped in these cages that we built ?
Breaking News 24/7
Nathier Fernandez, Hau Yuan, Jiyao Zhang, Marco Wylie
An interactive news cycle makes you question what is real and what is fake
Dear Younger Me
Nick Wallace, Sam Chasan, Tong Wu
If you were given a window into the past, what would you say to yourself?
Food Have Feelings Too
James Baffour, Sama Srinivas, Yulin Lai
The depressing, inevitable truth about life is that at some point people leave, no matter what you have to say about it, but this is our take on a silver lining so that everybody can find companions in their sadness.
Invisible Orchestra
Brent Bailey, Hayk Mikayelyan
An installation/instrument where one to four players can control four separate instruments with hand motion.