Cosmic Harp

Sid Chou, Louise Lessel

Inspired by an armillary sphere, the two concentric circles make up the laser harp instrument and allows the user to play sound decided by satellite data.


The Cosmic Harp is an instrument that allows the user to play abstractions of satellite data. The harp is designed with inspiration the Armillary sphere used in astrology in the 16th century.

Designed as a futuristic-looking midi instrument, and using lasers instead of strings, the harp plays with notions of the new and the old. It is equipped with an accelerometer to measure the rotation of the user’s interaction with the instrument, and thus inspires a new investigation of how to play a harp.

The inner circle rotates and creates patterns in the sound when swung around. The outer circle allows the user to play more traditional harp strings.

By Louise Lessél and Sid Chou


Introduction to Physical Computing