Fiber Optic MIDI Controller (FOMC)

Jesse Simpson

The Fiber Optic MIDI Controller (FOMC) is a flexible, patchable, assignable MIDI controller that uses lights and fiber optic cables for interfacing with music production software.



The Fiber Optic MIDI Controller (FOMC) uses fiber optic cables to make modular connections between light sources and sensors, allowing the performer to make tactile routings of synthesizer control signals. Each control signal causes the connecting cable to briefly illuminate, in turn helping the performer play the synthesizer “patch” by clearly highlighting the routing of each connection and timing of each signal as it operates. The illumination also acts as a tightly synchronized visualization of the music, as the illumination itself is the control signal creating it, rather than a representation of the music.

High power LEDs communicate in two ways: Through pulses, acting as gates within analog synthesizers, and through brightness, acting as control voltage, another standard within analog synths.


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