Reverie Field

Morgan Mueller, Woan-Chin LIN

Reverie Field acts as a self-reflection experience that allows visitors to transform a memory into light and express their associated emotions through unique dimming patterns and a final climactic animation.


Reverie Field allows a visitor to store and transform a memory into light in such a way that they must think about, and dive deeper into that memory and the emotions that are connected with it. Each visitor enters into a dark(ish) area with a hanging semi-circle of incadescent light bulbs. Initially all of the bulbs are off but when the visitor places their hand on the console they are greeted and invited to begin the experience.

An audio narrative prompts the visitor to reflect on the memory they are thinking about. When the visitor feels an emotional connection to that memory they are prompted to press a finger against a console interface. As the visitor begins pressing different fingers, they see the lights reacting in different ways. As the experience begins to finish each bulb holds its' current state and at the climax the bulbs perform a unique animation that can be appreciated by the visitor.

The incandescent light dimming and lighting up in various patterns are symbolic of the emotions the visitor is feeling at that time. Through letting the visitor see the result of their memory and emotions in the form of a unique lighting pattern, hopefully visitors could appreciate their emotions and gain a deeper personal connection with themselves. The animated light pattern that arises at the end of the experience is meant to help keep the connotation of uniqueness to each experience. If the visitor decides to go through the Reverie Field again then they will have a different visual experience.


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