The mystery machine

Arnab Chakravarty

A mysterious machine full of dials, knobs and controls needs to be unlocked to save the world from digital doom. Are you up for the challenge?


We're building a console that's 2'6″ x 1' 5″ and covering it with buttons, dials, dial gauges, sliders, and bulbs. There will be an ipad masked as an older display screen (under a fresnel lens) and an LED display which give you clues and prompts to a series of puzzles. The goal of the puzzles is to unlock a portion of the console that will “prevent a disastrous computer virus from being released to every computer in the world!”.

The puzzles begin easy and gradually increase in difficulty. Only if you solve all the puzzles do you get the glory of “saving the world.”

*please note, we currently have a staging area under the table outside of the conference room.


Introduction to Physical Computing