Alison Huang

Music your way



My project is “video game controller like object,” but for music. The controller is made with foam for a squishy effect allowing the user comfort while still being durable. There are currently two joysticks on the top a user could control with their thumbs and 4 joysticks on the bottom a user could control with their middle and ring fingers all connected to either a song, tune, or sound effect. Currently, I have the 3 joysticks on the right side of the controller connected to 3 songs and the 3 joysticks on the left side of the controller connected to 3 tunes/ special effects sounds. The project should be user friendly and intuitive to figure out. Each joystick is mapped to volume and speed allowing the user to “remix” the songs. One joystick does not directly affect the other, so all sounds could be played at once at different volumes and speeds. When the joysticks return to a range close to their origin, the sound from that joystick will stop or pause. The joysticks are connected to an Arduino Mega that is connected to p5 through my laptop. This project requires little to no set up, little space, and, most importantly, no mess.


Creative Computing