Wenjing Liu

A set of meditating tool that resonates with user's breath, help them breathe more consciously and calm them down


Breathing is an action that is vital to our lives yet often ignored by us. We get so used to it that we forget we are actually controlling it constantly, nevertheless to remember how important it is. Breathing is our life instinct. It is one of the signs that we are still present at this world. The way we breathe will also affect our internal state.

But today people, especially those in the cities, are live in such a hectic lifestyle that many of us are experiencing more and more anxiety, stress and even insomnia. We are so busy in interacting with different external things that we forget to interact with ourselves.

Hence I set out to design Breathenate to help people interact with themselves through breathing — to slow down, to be more self-aware, to focus on the present and let the tension flows. Functional wise, it is a set of tool that mirrors user’s breath pattern and guides them breathe deeper and slower. Eventually, it might help users (including me!) build up a good breathing habit.

The piece consists of 2 parts:
– A soft waistband that can detect user’s breath pattern using stretch sensor and will instruct them how to breathe through vibration motors
– A balloon that will inflate and deflate in responding to user’s breathing pattern


Introduction to Physical Computing