8 Sounds of the Nature

Sid Chou, Chenhe Zhang, Sachiko Nakajima

Ancient Chinese Philosophy expressed with immersive sounds by touching different objects.<br />



Chinese musical instruments were traditionally grouped into 8 categories known as bayin (八音). The eight categories are: silk(strings), bamboo(flute), wood(percussion), stone(percussion), metal(bell), clay(ocarina), gourd(sheng) and leather(drum), based on the material. They are also assigned to 8 phases and 8 directions in Taoism. Inspired by this philosophy, Japanese karesansui(rock garden) and Chladni Patterns, we are presenting these 8 natural materials on a round table, when audience touch the object, a sound will be generated, also based on the sound's frequency and speaker's vibration, a Chaldni pattern will be formed on a metal plate in the middle of the table. We are considering using headphones and one user at a time to let them be more immersive into the installation.