8 Sounds of the Nature

Sid Chou, Chenhe Zhang, Sachiko Nakajima

Ancient Chinese Philosophy expressed with immersive sounds by touching different objects.<br />



Chinese musical instruments were traditionally grouped into 8 categories known as bayin (八音). The eight categories are: silk(strings), bamboo(flute), wood(percussion), stone(percussion), metal(bell), clay(ocarina), gourd(sheng) and leather(drum), based on the material. They are also assigned to 8 phases and 8 directions in Taoism. Inspired by this philosophy, Japanese karesansui(rock garden) and Chladni Patterns, we are presenting these 8 natural materials on a round table, when audience touch the object, a sound will be generated, also based on the sound's frequency and speaker's vibration, a Chaldni pattern will be formed on a metal plate in the middle of the table. We are considering using headphones and one user at a time to let them be more immersive into the installation.


Calligraphy Created by Music

Sachiko Nakajima

Beautiful and colorful calligraphies are to be made spontaneously by the sound and the music, while the audience also can interactively make flowers, leaves, snows falling down the canvas.



This is the artistic visualization work of the sound and the music. The beautiful paint is to be generated based on the sound, while its size depends on the amplitude and its colors changes based on the timbre (what sorts of frequency it has). Also, by pushing the button of the remote control, the audience can also make the flowers/autumn leaves/snows falling down the canvas with the sound, even while they are listening to the live performance with this paintings.


Introduction to Computational Media