Maverick Flow

Qice Sun

A water flow is often thought-provoking and this time you will meet and interact with a maverick one.



Maverick Flow is an installation where users will interact, by means of eye or head movement, with a water flow that move abnormally due to the application of temporal aliasing. The users will kneel before the installation and the water flow will react to their eye movement. There will be 2 types of control built into the system. The 1st type of control will only change the frequency of the strobbing lights, but the user might be deceived and believe that he changed the way the water actually moves while they didn’t. For example, the water might stay in the air or levitate according to vertical eye movements. The 2nd type of control will genuinely change the way the water moves. They are welcomed to touch the water to witness the collision of what they see and what things really are. I don’t really want to be specific about what the piece is really about because I’ve heard some unique and yet great interpretations during user testings. For example, one of my classmates believes that nature is observing and interacting with us and she thought this what the piece is about. I really enjoy this kind of interpretation, so I want to be less explicit in the tile of description. But as an audience of my own work, I think it can serve as a comment on our excessive belief on things that we see, and the assumption of “Seeing is believing”. Although the topic is universal and even philosophical, it is becoming more relevant and popular nowadays as AI-powered video manipulation arouse public concerns. There might be a time when we can’t even trust what is happening right in front of our eyes.


Introduction to Physical Computing