Feeling in the Time

Khensu-Ra Love El, Raaziq Brown

America is going through a chaotic time, we want to know how YOU feel about it?



America is in a strange place. Day-by-day it feels like we are falling further and further into a dark hole. Since Khensu-Ra and Raaziq have started their tenure at ITP, the media has consistently covered devastating events on a national level. This coverage is happening at such a consistent rate that negativity, catastrophe, and poor country leadership is becoming normalized. In this project, we plan on presenting the participant with audio clips of current events of the past 4 months and logging their emotional response of said events. We will then force the participant to consider their role and action in regards to the current social, cultural, and political climates of the U.S.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing