Household Tongs

Tong Wu

Could human bodies become household goods?


The products of technology, such as household goods, have developed way beyond the mere role of everyday tools, it has such a significant existence that it has transcended their natural form. Their meanings in our lives have expanded into something more complex. You could say, human create objects, and objects re-create human beings.
I am deeply obsessed with the vague boundary between humans and objects in modern context. Are humans objects? Or could the human body become object? Inspired by this idea, I did a series of AR tiny installation, in which I turned my avatar into a fan, a spiral bone and a set of headphone. What I want to explore through this project is that, If we deprive ourselves of the uniqueness of being “us“, human beings, freeing our body parts to be duplicated, cut off, folded, twisted, enlarged, shrunk, adapting bodies into inanimate objects and using it to recreate daily life context, would the concept of being human change, or it just better depicts the identity of “human” in this era of tech mania?


Performative Avatars