Mine and Yours

Rui An

I'll let users to share the attention I had when I was shooting some of my favorite videos on my phone



I instantly got fascinated by James Benning’s work when my roommate introduced his films to me.The small, mundane views of the world become interesting even provocative when we are forced to pay attention to them. The roaring cars, the empty cross roads and the random bushes scattered along side the fence, all come together and start to make sense to the viewers and the reason for that is our attention ultimately originates from our wishes to understand somebody or something. In this project, I want push people further to not only try to understand the videos but also me, as the person who shoots them — to share the same attention I had when I was shooting the videos.

In the project, a user will first choose a video to play on the phone attached to a robotic arm with just his or her eye gazing. (touch will not trigger anything, as long as user is looking at the screen a bubble will show up that matches the user’s gazing to hint the user to use eye to control the device) Then the robotic arm will adjust the phone to have roughly the same positions and orientations as the phone I used when I was shooting that video. Users are then prompted to look at the same point I looked at (where my attention was) to play the video, if they move away their gaze from that point, the video will stop, prompt them to look back. After the video finishes, the user can choose to watch another video.