Flappy melody

Jingyi Wen, Xinyue Li

This is a physical "flappy bird" game where players control the bird to avoid the barriers by singing.



This project is inspired by the game “flappy bird”, but is designed in a more physical and interactive way. The basic setting is two glass cylinder, the smaller one's diameter is 5 inches and the bigger one's diameter is around 6 inches. Between them will be some ferrofluid.

For the interaction, the users get the control over the ferrofluid dot attracted by the magnet inside and to avoid some real physical barriers between the two glass layers by singing a specific tone. If hit the barrier, the magnetic force would be erased and the ferrofluid would drop down.

While the vertical movements are controlled by the players and will reflect the frequency of their voice, the horizontal movement (rotation) is made automatically with each interaction.


Introduction to Physical Computing