Flappy melody

Jingyi Wen, Xinyue Li

This is a physical "flappy bird" game where players control the bird to avoid the barriers by singing.



This project is inspired by the game “flappy bird”, but is designed in a more physical and interactive way. The basic setting is two glass cylinder, the smaller one's diameter is 5 inches and the bigger one's diameter is around 6 inches. Between them will be some ferrofluid.

For the interaction, the users get the control over the ferrofluid dot attracted by the magnet inside and to avoid some real physical barriers between the two glass layers by singing a specific tone. If hit the barrier, the magnetic force would be erased and the ferrofluid would drop down.

While the vertical movements are controlled by the players and will reflect the frequency of their voice, the horizontal movement (rotation) is made automatically with each interaction.


Introduction to Physical Computing

Sky Lantern the Wish

Xinyue Li, Chenyu Sun

3D Interactive Web application about wishes.



Sky Lantern the Wish is a 3D Interactive Web application. Our idea comes from the traditional Chinese culture of making “Kongming lantern” where people hand-writing their wishes on a small hot air balloon that made of paper and set it up to the sky at night. In Asia and elsewhere around the world, sky lanterns have been traditionally made for centuries, to be launched for play or as part of long-established festivities. The Sky Lantern represents the holding of beautiful wishes; we want to inherit the beautiful culture and make it into the digital world that people can assess and making sky lanterns, wishes on the internet. When people go inside our application, they will see an ocean and a sky full of lanterns. After clicking the “make a wish” button, users can type their wishes that will show on the “lantern”, then they can release it up to the “sky” and restore it on the “sky”. By moving the mouse and pressing the up, down, left, right keys, the user will be able to change their views and “fly” into the “sky”, to see other's wishes as well.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Computational Media