Song Generation with Machine Learning

Zahra Khosravi

Generate a new song based on Alan Lomax Collection and 19th century song lyrics using Machine Learning techniques.


My project allows the user to generate a new song title and lyrics based on the Alan Lomax collection of American folk songs and 19th century song lyrics through an interactive interface. The code works based on LSTM machine learning model. I trained an LSTM model based on the song titles and lyrics of the Alan Lomax's collection available on the Library of the Congress website. The project generates song titles and I am working on training the model with lyrics. I would like to generate images based on the text in the next steps for this project.

More on the collection: Alan Lomax and other members of the Lomax family are associated with an enormous number of “classic” folk songs and traditional tunes. This list contains some of most widely-known and frequently performed “iconic” pieces that the Lomaxes documented through their field recordings, or increased public awareness of through commercial recordings, publications, radio programs, and concerts.


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