Sketch To AR

Lin Zhang, Mengzhen Xiao

Sketch To AR is a tool for turning a 2D drawing in the real world into a 3D virtual object in AR.


In most cases of building an AR project, making targets is necessary. Targets can be either images or 3D objects, which work as the trigger of showing the virtual objects. However, the virtual object that can be displayed corresponding to the target needs to be set in advance, which means that one target corresponds to one fixed virtual object. In our project, we want to explore a new way to step into AR. Instead of using a limited number of targets, users can draw whatever they want and see the augmented drawing in AR. Using image recognition, Poly API, and ARKit, this App is able to turn a 2D drawing into a 3D virtual object. The virtual object can also react with the real-world environment changes.


Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities