The Narcissist Mirror

Wannapa Pokakunkanon

An interactive mirror that will reveal your true beauty.


More and more of the younger generations are struggling with self-worth issues. This problem can start at really young age and with the media exposure these days we are led to believe that we have to look/be a certain way to be considered ‘beautiful’. It is also a nature of human to compare ourselves with other people.

‘The Narcissist Mirror’ is an interactive mirror that talks to you and listens to you. Users will be prompt to answer the question ‘Who is the fairest of them all?’. The mirror will then start drawing a painting of the user only if they answer ‘me’ or ‘myself’ using speech recognition. If the user say something else, it will point out how the user doesn’t know how beautiful they are and will keep encouraging the user to answer again and again.

I believe we need a little reminder that we are all beautiful 😉


Introduction to Computational Media