Islands of Sound

Kexin Lin, Shijie Zhang

An interactive interface where users can compose their own ambient sounds.


We aim to play with the sound of neglected daily objects, to explore the possibility of combining natural and electric synthesized sound, and to inspire people to find the neglected beauty in daily life. When we were considering what can help connect human mind and the physical world in an intuitive way, we started to think about texture, graphics and sounds. In this case, we tended to design an experience that can provoke human sense of touch, sight and hearing. In order to reintroduce those amazing combination, we chose stone, metal, wood, acrylic and fabrics, which are common natural or artificial materials that compose our living environment, as our design elements. When objects on the interface are touched, sounds and projected graphics reflecting their properties will be generated.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing