Tsimafei Lobiak

A relaxing musical experience with generative art



Unblue is a relaxing experience for those who want to take a break and enjoy generative patterns. The name UnBlue comes from idea that hopefully this experience can improve your ‘blue’ mood. Also, it comes from the deep love for blue colors. This project is intended for 1 person experience using headphones and a computer. The project consists of a main screen, 3 chapters showing different interactive patterns and also 2 transitions (one for beginning and one for the end). Each of the transitions are accompanies by lyrics to inspire or relax the listener. For each chapter there is a different musical composition and interactions as well. First chapter is called Fossil and has a spiral made out of distorted ellipses, creating the illusion of 3-D object. The second chapter is ’Seed’ and it is a drawing tool over moving rectangular tiles. The last chapter is Atom, and it is a complex particle system controlled with mouse clicks. The work is mostly completed (you can test it out youself), but there are plans to add more chapters/interactions before the show.


Introduction to Computational Media

The Giving Plant

Idith Barak, Jacky Chen, Tsimafei Lobiak

A living plant made out of fabric.



Team:Idit Barak, Jacky Chen, Timothy Lobiak

Our project is called the Giving Plant; it is a white on white soft sculpture inspired by the iconic bird of paradise flower. Onlookers may use our custom built water can to water the plant. When that happens, visual cues will occur to guide the users to complete the sequence. At the end of the sequence, the majestic bird of paradise flower will bloom and emit a relaxing smell in the form of a cooling mist.

The two water cans each uses an absolute orientation sensor (BNO055) to detect the change in orientation. When the cans are pointed downward, three 12V LED’s are triggered. The user needs to point the mouth of the water can at the root of the plant to “water” the plant with light. This triggering the LDRs embedded in the planter. There are also sealed water capsules built into the water can to create

When watered, the LED strips embedded in the stem of the plant will display segments of LEDs moving up the stem, feeding “light” into the leaves and the flower. When the leaves receive “enough” light, it will gradually light up from the bottom to the top.

After the leaves are fully lit, the shape memory alloys (SMA) will be triggered by running current through them. This allows the SMA to change its shape, and as a result, the flower will bloom. Mist will be pushed out of a mist making chamber, by an air pump, through a silicon tubing; essential oil will be in the mix of the mist, that helps to produce a lovely scent. After a short pause, the mist will cease and the flower will close its petals by triggering another set of SMA pulling in the opposite direction.


Introduction to Physical Computing