Breathe with me

Veronica Alfaro

Calming device that helps people breathe by following respiration patterns and squeezing a stress ball


Calming tactile interface for patients who are waiting for their oral procedures and their caregivers. This device will be portable so it can be used inside the multisensory room and also it will be possible to use in the waiting area as a way of inviting both patients and caregivers to use the multi-sensory room. The device can be placed in the lap of the user so it will be accessible to everyone including people in wheelchairs.

The user squeezes the stress ball by following the breathing pattern shown in the screen and the goal is to match that pattern by inhaling and squeezing at the same time. This is a calming device and the final form will have an enclosure for the light, probably some vibration to the hand and a secondary user will guide the breathing pattern with their own phone.


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