ITP / IMA Winter Show 2019

Lenticular Portals
Aidan Fowler, Nicole Cabalquinto
An exploration of the lenticular lens behind led screens
The Joys of Being a Screen Saver
Cezar Mocan, Dan Qi Qian
Stuck in a closed digital world, stuck on a loop walking between the same four spaces, your screen saver wants to meet you. She calls you on the phone. Do you pick up?
Kusama's Reality
Abby Ausmus, Lilian Yang
Yayoi Kusama’s theories and art brought to fruition in an infinite virtual universe.
Topher Blair
A video performance with animation around cycles of resource consumption.
A Day as a Miko
Helen Tang
A Day as a Miko is a 2D pixel animation game that invites people to play one day working as a Japanese Shrine Maiden (Miko)
Voice Mirror
Atchareeya Name Jattuporn
Your voice is your portrait. Reflecting your voice with voice reactive mirror.
ZAZA's Sky Forest
Hanwen Zhang, Tingyu Zhang
Who's up for a dream adventure?
Path of Light
Jiaxin Xu, Rae Ruilin Huang
A dual-player maze game that allow the players communicating between physical and virtual world via light to escape from a dark maze.
Racing Thoughts
Emily Zhao
If your positive and negative thoughts had to race, which one would win?
Around Us
Jaekook Han, Jiwon Shin
Around Us is an interactive website, zine and set of cards visualizing the satellites around us that are currently in use.
Reading blocks
Themis Garcia Cadiz
Reading Blocks: A tool to assist in learning sentence structure.
Love Anthem
Nicholas Gregg, Woan-Chin LIN
An Augmented Reality audio-visual healing experience that takes the audience through my personal love journey in NYC.
Web Olympic
Shiyu Chen, Vibert Thio
Get exercise with simple and fun web-based games. For instance, play whack a mole with your nose👃.
Healthy Data Starts Here
Dana Elkis, Matthew Ross
we frequently take the time to use hand sanitzers to clean our hands, with our intervention we allow people to take the time to easily clean the data from their phones.
Hoop Trivia
Julie Lizardo
A basketball arcade game with trivia!
Mark Matamoros
JCB is a multi-ribbon, wavetable synthesizer controller that bares the resemblance of a cello and a lap steel guitar’s child.
Fanyi Pan, Yongkun Li
Reflection - an immersive experience that let you look at yourself in a different perspective.
The forest
Hyunseo Lee
It's metaphorical breathing trees.
Goal Stoppers
Tyler Burrell
An interactive game simulation where the user's main objective is to stop the ball from going into the goal.
Open Up
Sohaila Mosbeh
Playing with the representation of vulnerability and illusion of "controlled emotions"
Andri Kumar
Control is a VR experience that explores human kind’s false self of control of oneself and the strange form memory takes on when posed as a flashback in our minds.
Fever Dream
Gilad Dor, Nicholas Gregg
Experimental light therapy to induce the participant into a fever dream, and into another persons memories.
Chun Song, Roi Ye, Caren Ye
Play the Relectonics.
Hedwig & The Angry Inch: Wig In a Box
Chenshan Gao, Maya Pruitt, Raaziq Brown, Woan-Chin LIN
Stage & Video Design for Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Garden of Voices
KJ Ha, Kuan-Wen Chen
Garden of Voices is an interactive micro-environment, which emphasizes the power of people’s words.
Read the Room
Anna Gudnason, Rashida Kamal, S.J. Zhang
Read the Room allows a group of people to watch political debates and post their reactions to a sentiment meter for each candidate.
Comb the Tree
, Siyuan Zan, Tianjun Wang
Using projection mapping and music interaction to make human and tree communicate with each other
Athena's Lament
Stefan Skripak
"Athena's Lament" is a light art sculpture that critiques the continually defended colonialist art collections of major western museums by visualizing the way in which an art objects aura leeches from it while being forcibly kept from its country of origin.
Fake Your Smile
Tanic Nakpresha, Tianyi Xie
A game that use your smile to play
Dingwen Kou, Sarah Peng
Onemanband explores our modern relationship with music, sound, and the tools we use to make music, funneling the concept of music through a VR DAW (digital audio workstation) environment to create the Tiltbrush/Ableton hybrid that avant-garde SoundCloud artists dream of.
Elizabeth Chiappini, Sydney Meyers
ColorField is an interactive, collaborative light experience.
Data links
Haoyu Wang, Jingyi Zhou
An interactive installation that demonstrates the how your personal data get processed cross other platforms.
the hour glass
Julian Mathews
A persistence of vision LED sculpture meant to help visualize climate change statistics
Generative Photography (Silver Prints)
Nuntinee Tan, Yuguang Zhang
Coming full circle with our visual perception through pinhole photography and GAN videos - silver prints and visual projection.
Aditya Dahiya
audioreactive light sculpture hanging from the ceiling
Ebb and Flow
Xinyue Li, Elvin Ou
A kinetic light installation that expresses the motion of ebbs and flows
Behind a Tomb
Nianqi Zhang, Tianyi Xie
An interactive sculptural tomb that explores the philosophy of death.
August Luhrs
DYÄD is a semi-cooperative puzzle game where a couple must navigate the struggles of being in a relationship while decorating their home with IKEA furniture falling from the sky.
Gun Funded
Lachlan Campbell
See & understand the gun lobby's funding of the US Congress.
Say Her Name
Elizabeth Perez, Nailah Davis, Simone Salvo
Commemorating Sandra Bland, “Say Her Name” is an interactive portrait that relies on you, the viewer, to actively speak her name to become fully visible.
Jordan Rickman
A man stands behind a sonified web. Is he playing? Or is he trapped?
Julia Fernandez
An playful, yet unconventional mirror commenting on the absurdity of reality.
蜃楼 Mirage
Lyujiang Chen
This project allows users to draw a paint and compose a song with body movement in real time working with multiple machine learning models.
Celestial Scars
Runqi Zhou
It is an interactive artwork involves with experimental animation/videos projected on the screen.
The Pale Blue Dot
Lanni Zhou, Pei Yu Sun
Our earth is just a pale blue dot that should be carefully cherished by us.
Jason Tse
OptiMice is a unique customer experience that professional computer peripheral users would get a tailor-made, ergonomic, customized, programmable computer mouse designed and manufactured, and finally shipped to customers’ hands.
interactive scroll
Gil Sperling
an interactive installation that allows the user to physically interact with a projected version of an ancient scroll
Axolotl – A Social VR Experience
Guillermo Montecinos, Lydia Jessup
A human and an axolotl – an amphibian native to Mexico – meet face to face, separated by the glass of an aquarium. Fascinated by each other, they learn to communicate and eventually, turn into one another.
AR Wine Finder
Anna Oh, Chenyu Sun
AR personalization app which helps people select wine
Trial & Mirror
, Pablo Mahave
Infinity two-way mirror lights up only when you smile at it.
Bouncing Ball Karaoke
Erik van Zummeren
Bouncing Ball Karaoke is a Bluetooth enabled bouncing ball slash karaoke machine
Olivia Kung
Hands lit up by a UV led matrix.
Pull The Plug
Matthew Ross
Pull the Plug is a outlet, that when the plug is pulled out of deletes all data the user has in Google Drive that hasn't been touched in over 18 months.
Frame by Frame
Kariina Altosaar
Collaboratively telling a story through gifs.
Public Message
Adrian Bautista
How do physical locations and augmented reality shape public discussions?
One Amongst Many: Connecting Women in Computing
Christina Dacanay, , Tina Rungsawang
One Amongst Many is a physical data visualization of women in computing.
Liquid Relationships
Schuyler DeVos
People use their bodies as a connection that completes a circuit and calms raging waters.
Fireflies (A Concentration Exercise)
Abby Lee, Sam Krystal, Tianxu Zhou
A concentration exercise where users can control elements on the screen with focus.
Shadow Wall
Ashwita Palekar, Cy Kim
A two-way wall that detects the intersection of two people's shadows to trigger music.
Nok Jangkamolkulchai, Ziyu Gao
Communication with physical separation
Between Us
Louise Lessel, Shu-Ju Lin
A collaborative game experience where strangers come together to explore their relationship with each other by sharing and challenging their personal spaces and boundaries
createPattern( );
Suphitcha Donsrichan
Playing with a shadow kaleidoscope to create some fun shadow patterns with a little help from mr. servos and some LEDs.
Levitating Lightbulb
Vanessa Chesnut
It's a gravity defying, hovering light bulb that works through magnetic levitation
Orange Juice Squeezer
Xiaoyun_Sherry_ Liu
A cup of orange juice you cannot drink but you can see, hear, and smell it.
Lennon Wall
Arnab Chakravarty, Sid Chou, Guillermo Montecinos, Karina Hyland Hernandez, Vince MingPu Shao, Shu-Ju Lin, Winnie Yoe
A place to learn about what’s happening in our respective homes, to open respectful and constructive dialogue, and leave messages to express thoughts and support.
Douglas Goldstein
My project explores the electronic sport of fencing, combat, and the human body as interfaces for musical expression.
Wei Kang
wearable tech project: use color sensor to sense colors of surrounding, and change the patterns of the garment.
AR Flooded City
Timmy Zhou
A compact AR installation of a coastal city showing the effects of our rising oceans, and what cities can do about the issue.
Maxwell Da Silva, Rita Tavares
Ask the right questions to the sailors of a boat that speaks the answers / verses of a poem as it moves towards its destination
Probable Weavings
Ashley Lewis
Two series of small woven tapestries. One set by Ashley, one set by a machine learning model.
Lihan Bao
Alternative storytelling using video mapping and AR
Mingna Li
Lightbox is a unique space in universe that uses light to send music signal.
, Hayk Mikayelyan, Tanic Nakpresha
Social VR experience to distinguish  between human and robots
Death is imminent, but let's have fun!
, Mingxi Xu, Nicholas Grant, Paulami Roychoudhury, Tirta Rachman
In this post-apocalyptic four-player co-op communication-based game, players must save themselves by fixing a spaceship to leave the Earth.
Ada Jiang
Noise is an audio-enhanced optical illusion installation that, through changes in the viewer's perspective, reveals patterns within the chaos by establishing connections between auditory white noise and visual static noise.
Life Vending Machine
Stacy Yuan, Tianxu Zhou, Xinyue (Monni) Qian
An installation that aims to raise people's awareness of protecting endangered animals.
Beste Saylar, Zack Lee
Beste, an intuitive hardware synthesizer and music sequencer for live electronic music performance.
Sylvan Zheng, Youngmin Choi
A sound installation that explores the relationship between two people by connecting the physical act of pulling to music.
Sid Chou, Nicholas Gregg
Conversation is a duet between two hanging lamps that emits light when bitten.
The Fire Bird
Fernando Gregório Catto
The Fire Bird is a character activated by a wearable device that reacts to gestures and movement generating sound, light and video effects.
Caroline Neel, Maya Pruitt
We use augmented reality to showcase the lack of afforable housing in the Lower East Side
The Pilgrim
Chunyi Yang
A screen-based game about the life of a faithful pilgrim.
Relative Time
Jingyi Zhou, Roi Ye
A collective digital installation that visualizes the passes of life using people's heart beat
Sydney Hu
Snacks n more!
Breathe with me
Veronica Alfaro
Calming device that helps people breathe by following respiration patterns and squeezing a stress ball
Infinite Goldfish
Keru Wang, Peiling Jiang
Seeking meanings in meaningless is not just about analysing a fish typer but a daily practice shared by all.
Chomp Monster
Helen Zegarra, Sarah Liriano
A working, real life, Mario Kart Chomp Monster character.
Wind, Rocks, and Women
Katie Han, Sue Roh
Wind, Rocks, and Women is an interactive sound exhibit that tells the stories of two mothers in Korea: a mother in Seoul, where the traditional female role of domesticity prevails, and a haenyeo in Jeju Island, where women have greater freedom and status atypical of Korean society.
Love at First Sight
Michael Yang, Zoe Wells, Robert Ye
Multiplayer eye-contact based game exploring connection and betrayal.
Tangible Dynamics
Alvaro Lacouture, Nicole Ginelli
A real-time 3D tabletop experience controlled by motion tracked light-emitting orbs.
A Trip to Hollowland
Chenshan Gao, Zhe Wang
A collective virtual travel experience to a demolished hybrid city.
Interactive Fetal Movement
Zachariah Kobrinsky
Fetal movement sensor that visualizes a baby's kicks in an ethereal, meditative .p5 sketch, and it also tracks fetal movement over time as an indicator of fetal health.
Believable news
Ruixuan Li, Zhoujian Sheng
Sharing makes the world better, but can you tell the real from the fake?
David Azar
Narciso is an AR mirror that doesn't let you catch your own reflection.
Joseph Baker
A disbanded warrior relives the motions of battle for the last time.
Jake Sherwood
ClimateScape is a kinetic art installation using sound and movement
Elastic Heart
, Noah Kernis, Pippa Kelmenson
Elastic Heart looks at the relationship between humans, their organs, and what it means to transplant an organ.