Racing Thoughts

Emily Zhao

If your positive and negative thoughts had to race, which one would win?


Racing Thoughts is an interactive experience that aims to bring awareness to one’s relationship with themself and their thoughts. The project prompts users to write one positive sentence and one negative sentence about themselves. At the end, their response times for each thought will be printed on a receipt, as well as their actual responses, for them to take.

Did it take longer to say a positive or negative thought? Are the two sentences equal in severity? Was the experience taken seriously? These are all questions I want the user to reflect on.

While it might be tempting to compare one's response times with other's, I want to stress that this experience is meant to spark SELF-reflection. It is also important to remind people to accept all their thoughts, both positive and negative, for we are not our thoughts.


Introduction to Computational Media: Media, Introduction to Physical Computing