Chun Song, Roi Ye, Caren Ye

Play the Relectonics.


Relectronics are electronics who abandoned their original identity and transform into something different – telephones into a whack-a-mole game; a fan into a turntable; a turntable into a bubble machine.

This project started from the obsession we have with old electronics. Different from more modern ones with touch screens, we found it lots of fun playing with buttons and mechanisms they have.

This experience is quite thought-provoking for us. Why an abandoned, obsolete machine feels attractive to us? What motivates us to interact and play with a machine that may not be functional at all? Is it because the history behind it piques our curiosity? Is it because we want to recall the good old time through it? Is it because it's inefficiency makes it more human-like and rises our empathy? Is it because it inspires us to imaging an alternative world with more romance than the real one? Is it because…

This project is not an answer to our question because it’s difficult to define a certain one. It shows the process of trying to understand our complicated feelings towards old electronics.

“Re” means reborn, remade, refresh, renew. And rethink.

We hope views could rethink about the relationship between electronics and human with us by experiencing our project.


Introduction to Physical Computing