Maxwell Da Silva, Rita Tavares

Ask the right questions to the sailors of a boat that speaks the answers / verses of a poem as it moves towards its destination



This boat has two sailors, one is from Brazil and the other one from Portugal; their stories cross the Atlantic Ocean east to west and south to north. If you’d like to hear their stories you have to start by saying “hi sailor”. Then follow the clues that will help you ask the questions that will give you answers. You can start by asking who these sailors are or where they are going. We have made this moving boat using speech recognition to respond to the user asking the right questions; for those questions (for others it says “try again”) it speaks answers that make up a poem / story and at the same time moves towards its destination. There are several possible combinations of verses, so once the boat reaches the end of its track / final destination, it prints out the individual version of the poem that the user heard.