Narratives of Resistance and Resilience: Documenting and Making Sense of the Anti-ELAB Protests in Hong Kong

Winnie Yoe

A series of research based, data driven experiments in crafting and exploring narratives around the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill movement in Hong Kong.


A series of data-driven experiments investigating non-traditional ways of resistance and resilience, created during the on-going Anti-Extradition Amendment Bill protests in Hong Kong. In each experiment, I work with different forms of protest artifacts to explore the relationship between distance and narrative ­— be it my physical distance being 8,000 miles away from events I deeply care about, distance between pro-establishment and pro-democratic narratives, or the distance in media rhetoric and interpretations.

These experiments, along with my article Reshaping Hong Kong’s Identity through a Decentralized Protest (published in ADJACENT Issue 6), are part of a larger research project where I am trying to answer how does one take manageable steps and more nourishing approaches as a form of resilience.


Data Art