Death is imminent, but let's have fun!

, Mingxi Xu, Nicholas Grant, Paulami Roychoudhury, Tirta Rachman

In this post-apocalyptic four-player co-op communication-based game, players must save themselves by fixing a spaceship to leave the Earth.


“Death is imminent, but let's have fun!” is a four-player co-op communication-based game where players attempt to save themselves from a post-global warming apocalyptic world. The Earth is breaking apart and all of the humans have left except for the four people playing the game. Players will be given individual instructions that they will need to pass on to their team members to execute in order to fix the ship.

– Built by Nicholas B Grant, Mingxi Xu, Paulami Roychoudhury & Tirta W Rachman.

– Mentored by David Rios


Introduction to Physical Computing