Destroy Online Me (DOM Destroyer)

Rachel Lim

Destroy my online persona.



Despite being a realm where anyone can technically be anything, the internet has become a territory bound by its own implicit conventions and etiquette. For this experience, I want to convey my frustrations towards how I’m usually represented online under these practices and how I’d truly like to express myself by having the user “break down” my website. The goal is to destroy as many elements as possible to uncover how I’d ideally like to be seen online (which is currently just photos and my resume).
The user will navigate and interact with the web elements by swinging a controller (microbit) shaped like a bat, which is connected to the mouse position on-screen. Size wise, the bat will be more akin to a beer bottle and will have some fluids inside to help provide a feel to the movement. The DOM elements of the page will either disappear or transform depending on what it's representing.


Joy and Games