We Are Breathing Lives

David Yang

Treat websites as physical environments, knowing websites impacting people both mentally and physically.



The project is a digital tree that grow or shrink base on the words it heard from the website. The tree will analyze the audio or reading the text from the webpage and reflect it on its growth. The project will take a digital form of a chrome extension.
The tree is for groups of people that hope to promote consciousness toward the environment they interact with. For example, The chrome extension could allow user to know visually if the website provides helpful comments and positive interaction.
The reason I want to do this is because I remembers an experiment about how environment could impact a person. The most important thing about the environment is its people. If we could be conscious about how our words could shape a place, a conversation, and a person, we might be able to create soil for each individual to growth. Similarly, if we could consciously place ourselves in nutritious environments/websites, we might be able to live a better life.


Creative Computing