AR Flooded City

Timmy Zhou

A compact AR installation of a coastal city showing the effects of our rising oceans, and what cities can do about the issue.



The city will be displayed on an area of 16″ x 18″. Users will have access to 13 Marker tiles (9 of which will be double sided) that come together to show the city. 9 Markers make up Scene 1, which is the city in the present day. Flip those over and Scene 2 will display, showing more than half of the city has been flooded and there has been a hasty seawall erected to try and save the rest of the city. Users can then clear those tiles away and use the remaining 4 markers to show the city before it was flooded, but now with various flood infrastructure in place. (Flood protection ideas inspired by BIG's Big U proposal for NYC).


Comm Lab: Hypercinema