Love at First Sight

Michael Yang, Zoe Wells, Robert Ye

Multiplayer eye-contact based game exploring connection and betrayal.


Love at First Sight is a game with 5-7 people, each using their phones as controllers (using a glitch URL), and a scoreboard on a large screen. At the beginning of each round, the players stand in a circle and have 30 seconds to communicate only via eye contact, looking to each other for connection, trustworthiness, and to establish unspoken agreements for matching. At the end of the time, they are each prompted to choose which other player they want to match with via their phones. The scoreboard tallies up the points: one point for receiving an unrequited match request (rejection), two points for a mutual match, and three points for matching with someone new. As the rounds go by, players will have to decide what risks they are willing to take, who they trust, and who to break the trust of. Can you look into someone’s eyes and lie about your intentions? Will you betray a partner just for some made up points?


Collective Play (UG)