Bouncing Ball Karaoke

Erik van Zummeren

Bouncing Ball Karaoke is a Bluetooth enabled bouncing ball slash karaoke machine



Bouncing Ball Karaoke is a combination between a Bluetooth enabled bouncing ball and a karaoke machine. This specific installation is both a sample use case of how Bluetooth enabled bouncing balls can have a positive impact on our lives, as well as a way to have fun.

The concept for the karaoke machine is a modern interpretation of the bouncing ball device that was invented by Max Fleischer in 1924. Every time the user bounces the physical bouncing ball the 'lyric ball' heads to the next part of the song. The closer the user is to the original timing of the song, the more points the user gets.

However, a big part of this installation is also about empowering these voices that have long been neglected and unheard of in the karaoke scene. This installation enables everyone to perform karaoke. For instance, this installation will feature A-ha's Take on me, which can be considered as one of Europe's biggest treasures in its rich musical history. This song is notoriously difficult to sing in real life due to A-ha's Morten Harket majestic voice which reaches five different octaves. However, with Bouncing Ball Karaoke everyone can be Morten Harket and world-famous for 5 minutes in their life.


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