Fanyi Pan, Yongkun Li

Reflection – an immersive experience that let you look at yourself in a different perspective.


Many people put on auto-pilot mode everyday. We forget to take a moment to stop and to cherish ordinary things in our lives. All different kinds of interactions have embedded meanings behind them.

The project aims at promoting a mindful thinking practice by letting users interact with everyday objects/furniture in a typical living room setting . Every interaction- from opening the door to sit on a chair could. trigger actions in the miniature model of the room which will be placed against a wall. The miniature model of the room is frame by a see through mirror cabinet to create an effect of infinity in order to show the room being a generic existence.

Interactions are as follows- User sitting on a chair will trigger the chair in miniature model to rock. Picking up the phone will results in flashing red lights on the floor, turning on the light of the actual room will trigger the light of the model to turn on, etc.

We use several technologies including position tracking in kinect, multi bluetooth devices communication and connection, sensor network, position mapping and projection using openframework.


Introduction to Physical Computing