Liquid Relationships

Schuyler DeVos

People use their bodies as a connection that completes a circuit and calms raging waters.


My project begins with a large fish tank that holds a good volume of water. Inside I've put a couple of pumps that are controlled by an Arduino. A circuit with a Tip120 is set up to simulate a haptic connection, such that when people hold two wires a miniscule amount of electricity passes through their body and they complete a circuit. The wires will be attached to hand panels situated on either side of the tank, but too far away for one person to touch both. Participants need to work together–if each of them touches one of the panels and then they touch each other, the circuit will be completed. In this way, people can control the pumps and thus the flow of the water, as well as an LED strip that is underneath the fish tank and will shine up through a piece of acrylic I’ve attached to the bottom.