Believable news

Ruixuan Li, Zhoujian Sheng

Sharing makes the world better, but can you tell the real from the fake?



Fake news are more terrible than we thought!
Research shows that fake news spreading 10% faster than real news. Fake news also could kill people, at least 20 people were killed in India in 2018 due to the fast spreading fake news in WhatsApp.

So, What makes fake news believable?
pictures, images and videos, because people think those resources are reliable evidences of the event.

Concept: 'Believable News' a virtual newspaper which could improve people’s vigilance to fake news. The content of the newspaper are three different news which happened in different places of the world. However, those three news are demonstrated with the same picture. And the picture is totally make sense with every news.

Interaction: 1. Three news paper are hanging on the wall and maximum three people could participate into the experience at the same time. > 2. The newspaper is blurred, user could only see the image but can't see the content clearly, three different glasses are provided > 3. user wear different glasses and different news will be showed > 4. user choose one news which they believe is real to share to other the readers 5. user will know the news they just shared is fake or real.


Faking the News, Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing