Topher Blair

A video performance with animation around cycles of resource consumption.


I was asked once to make a piece that summarized my feelings about my home state of Colorado. This piece was an attempt to synthesize the complex feelings that I had around the processes that make a place function, and what problems those may cause. I chose to depict 3 different environments, mountains, cities and plains, and show how each environment influences the other, and the ways that we all depend on them.

The piece itself takes the form of 4-minute video performance, which was created for my paper engineering and live image processing and performance classes last year. It involves a setup with a table and a camera, and some sort of video display surface to be able to put on. A projector or a TV will work fine.

I built a light box with sliding paper elements for each environment. The box lights up in different ways to show each element’s attributes. For my fabrication class, which I took this fall, I remade the sliding box to be much sturdier and more robust.

The performance will loop twice, with the second time around featuring animated characters in addition to a video live feed. I wanted to demonstrate the cyclical, yet changing nature of how human beings interact with their environments.


Intro to Fabrication, Live Image Processing and Performance, Paper Engineering 101 and Designing for Children