Path of Light

Jiaxin Xu, Rae Ruilin Huang

A dual-player maze game that allow the players communicating between physical and virtual world via light to escape from a dark maze.


Path of Light is a VR game experimenting with the relationship between reality and virtuality. The first player in the physical world will be interacting with an architectural model of the maze using a light torch. Lighting up light sensors along the correct path from the physical maze will show up a glowing light ball on the same location to the virtual maze. The VR player will use the light ball as guidance to escape from the maze. However, all the walls in the virtual maze are invisible but will show up as a blink when the VR player bumps onto a segment of the wall. As the wall blinks once in the virtual maze, an LED light will shine once on the exact same wall from the physical maze. The physical player is able to tell where the VR player is based on which wall is lit up.


Introduction to Physical Computing