Dingwen Kou, Sarah Peng

Onemanband explores our modern relationship with music, sound, and the tools we use to make music, funneling the concept of music through a VR DAW (digital audio workstation) environment to create the Tiltbrush/Ableton hybrid that avant-garde SoundCloud artists dream of.


The phrase “classical music” probably makes you think of the instruments associated with it: a piano, a flute, or whatever instrument you learned to play as a kid. What about avant-pop, glitch hop, grime – what does that look like? As the form of music itself has become more abstract, rules being broken with every new subgenre formed, so too has the concept of fixed “instruments” broken down. Onemanband is about the abstraction and deconstruction of contemporary music trends. It is based on our interest in making a music creation program that strips away the clunky, uninviting DAW interface. Onemanband was made in Unity with the SteamVR SDK, and it communicates with Ableton Live through OSC messages that are run through LiveGrabber, a series of Max For Live plugins. The samples used in the original project are from a number of royalty-free sample packs from LANDR, and the music video in the recording studio scene is SOPHIE's “Faceshopping”.


Immersive Experiences (UG)