Echo of Silence

Son Luu

In a world that is getting noisier with the excessive use of machines, Echo of Silence tells viewers about the under-appreciated power of uninterrupted silence.


Echo of Silence is a kinetic sculpture, consists of a clear box hung from the ceiling, containing lighting equipment and kinetic components that are activated only in silent or low noise-leveled environment. The sculptural components include LED lights, a fixed tuning fork and a solenoid. Noise level is constantly measured and analyzed in real time against a pre-set threshold. Above the noise threshold, the kinetic sculpture pauses all of its activities (lights switches off and all movements stop). As noise level returns to below the threshold, the lights turn back on; the solenoid starts generating timely mechanic pulses against the tuning fork to create a long, echoing sound, amplified by the box itself. For about a minute long, viewers feel more connected to the environment and the humans around them in a common physical space, while listening closely to the intriguing, yet meditative, echoing sound generated by the tuning fork.