The Fire Bird

Fernando Gregório Catto

The Fire Bird is a character activated by a wearable device that reacts to gestures and movement generating sound, light and video effects.


The Fire Bird is a first experiment on building characters exploring interactive wearable technologies. This is a work in progress.

To compose the character, I've created gloves that generate different light, sound and animation effects according to the gestures of the performer that embodies the Fire Bird to tell their story.

Movement 1

The Fire Bird flies away from home because their house was put on fire by someone who couldn't understand the way the Fire Bird was living.

Movement 2

The Fire Bird flies to the city, alone, and finds a place to sleep.

Movement 3

The Fire Bird dreams for so long, that the invisible seed that was inside of their belly grows and turns into a tree.

Questions to keep moving:

What's the seed that is inside of the belly of the Fire Bird made of?

How does the tree that grows from the belly of the Fire Bird look like?


Intro to Fabrication, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing