Jason Tse

OptiMice is a unique customer experience that professional computer peripheral users would get a tailor-made, ergonomic, customized, programmable computer mouse designed and manufactured, and finally shipped to customers’ hands.



First, customers will have the shape and size of their hand measured with 3D scanning technology, a 3D model of the mouse that fits perfectly in their hand will be generated digitally. On a digital platform, customers can further customize different aspects of the mouse, e.g. wired/wireless, extra buttons, types of buttons/switches, button placement finetune, lighting, etc. The tailor made mouse case would be 3D printed. Programmatically, the PCB design which fits the tailor made casing would also be generated digitally. Then all the electronic parts of the customer’s selection will be installed on the PCB. When the customer gets their own mouse, they can program the behavior and functions of the mouse, e.g. what to perform with certain button is pressed.

Being a computer peripheral enthusiast, I bought some of the most premium mice that companies offer, just to simply make my life easier and more comfortable. But one time, I purchased a 4 dollar ergonomic vertical mouse, and it fits better than the 100 dollar mouse which earns “the best mouse on the market” title. The idea of “form over function” struck me. Despite premium mice are programmable and somehow ergonomic, unlike a customized mechanical keyboard which can be customised with different switches, keycaps, even the PCB design and frame, the customizability of a mouse is relatively limited. When a mouse is one’s everyday essential, especially for professional computer users, they will need a personalised computer mouse that perfectly fits their hands and preferences, just like a tailor made suit.


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