Open Up

Sohaila Mosbeh

Playing with the representation of vulnerability and illusion of “controlled emotions”



Why is vulnerability looked at as a sign of weakness? where did this association come from? what happens if one truly embraces it and exposes themselves?

Vulnerability I believe has nothing to do with telling all of the secrets, but more about accepting ones own emotions and expressing that to those who have earned the right to hear it out. That openness can be quit a dynamic situation, it’s as if it plays with the notion of either you submit to the overwhelming state of that emotional expression or you convince yourself that you have it all under control. That image brought to mind the art of Shibari.

Shibari originated in Japan around the 1600s it was a rope tying technique used on prisoners so they can not escape, just with everything else humans have taken it and transformed it into a form of sexual play in the realm of BDSM. Creativity in all the strange ways, it’s now known as Kinbaku. Aside from the sexual bondage aspect of Shibari, the intricate ways of the how rope can be tied together to form eye catching patterns is awing. How within the rope patterns every knot plays an important role to give balance and support. It goes the same for human emotional state as well, we crave balance and support.

The art of shibari plays alot of notes of vulnerability even if it's not that clear upon first sight, with massive and chunky rope forms that might look intimidating to how painful the notes might seem. On the contrary if one would look closely within what happens between the ropes there is almost a sober like look of letting go and embracing the sense of getting

tucked away out of sight.


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