Celestial Scars

Runqi Zhou

It is an interactive artwork involves with experimental animation/videos projected on the screen.



This work is inspired by the cases involved with murders and my study of the trauma experience of female this semester. The experimental videos are created based on the emotional stimulus and empathy I feel from the sources. I create the scenes with both inspirations from the murderers and the victims, and my goal is to aestheticizing the events or to revive a kind of beauty from the cult or underground culture. The first part is simulating the start of a crime in an abstract way, emphasizing the emotional change before someone became a sinner. The second part is an abstract representation of the events applying collages of female figures and borrows the indication of omen from film Carrie to express the catastrophe happens on female. The body parts will transform into celestial planets and introduce the last part out. I’m making a mock interactivity for the last part, in which when the audience’s shadow touches the female body the body will be fragmented. In this part I want to guide the audience into the traumatized world of the victims by letting them “murder” and “fragment” the body, seeing how the traumatizing experience is formed under their influences. This work should be projected on an isolated screen in an environment where the audience could concentrate on the content. The interactivity is mocked so far but I’d like to improve it in the future and it might be showed in public for the passers-by to experience it. I hope this work could arouse attentions of the mental condition of victims who experience trauma after violence.


Comm Lab: Hypercinema