ZAZA's Sky Forest

Hanwen Zhang, Tingyu Zhang

Who's up for a dream adventure?


Our project is inspired by “DREAM”. It is difficult to be described and captured. However, It is wonderful and attract people to touch. Therefore, we hope to build a bridge to connect the dream and the real world.
Our character is named ZAZA and the “sky forest”, which is a floating forest is the dream world of ZAZA. We hope to evoke the audiences’ memories of dreams by interacting with the dream of ZAZA. Since the changes of physical world could influence the dream, we hope to develop more about this property. We built the ZAZA’s Bedroom, the audience could interact with the components in the room, such as rotating the bed, pushing the chair, changing the lightings. At the same time, it will cause sounds, light, temperature, finally the magic will happen in this forest.


Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing