Data links

Haoyu Wang, Jingyi Zhou

An interactive installation that demonstrates the how your personal data get processed cross other platforms.


Data links using light, sound, and projection mapping to visualize the relationship between our personal data and others platforms who collect, sell, use our information to seek profit.

We created four stories with four different light visualization for user to play with. Although there is a increasing awareness about big data and data privacy, most people don’t really know what parts of the data is used or sold to the company and how companies make profit from them. Therefore, we think it’s meaningful to unravel the mystery of data flow from users to companies and advertising sides. With sound and light, we hope user with get the deeper understanding about our personal data privacy.

When user finish play with the installation, we made a “database” for user to share, talk about their experience with their own personal data privacy issues. It's hard to change the current privacy situation, at least we should share those stories.


Introduction to Physical Computing