Sid Chou, Nicholas Gregg

Conversation is a duet between two hanging lamps that emits light when bitten.


Conversation is a duet between two hanging lamps that provide light only when bitten. The light comes from within the body of these lamps, illuminating the room from within the participants’ mouths. Ideally experienced in pairs, Conversation is a practice in listening and illumination. To not converse in total darkness, the pair must cycle between the roles of speaker and illuminator.

Nick Gregg & Sid Chou


Light as a Medium of Art: Ways of Seeing Now

Love Anthem

Nicholas Gregg, Woan-Chin LIN

An Augmented Reality audio-visual healing experience that takes the audience through my personal love journey in NYC.


It would be a 5-min AR walk in Washington Square Park that takes the audience from one spot in Washington Square Park to the arch by having them follow my emotional rollercoaster of my love life in NYC which is visualized as a trail in AR. When the audience follows the trail made of a transparent tube, the tube would be filled with color and the original song with my original poem narrated in my voice would be played. The experience would reach its climax when the trail brings the audience to the fountain and have them look up to see a word in front of the arch that summarizes the end result of my love journey here.
The demo video is a prototype of when the transparent tube is filled with color, the music would play using raycasting technique.
We want the physical pose of the audience following the trail as a general portrayal of people who fall in love, focusing on only the new connection that was born, and neglecting to see other wonderful things happening in the world as possibilities, which could look funny from other people’s perspective. Eventually, when the trail brings the audience to the huge word made of a transparent tube in the sky in front of the arch, the pose of the audience would also be opened up, symbolizing the moment when they finally see the whole picture and are able to take in the world instead of focusing on one point of their life.


Experiments in Augmented Reality

Fever Dream

Gilad Dor, Nicholas Gregg

Experimental light therapy to induce the participant into a fever dream, and into another persons memories.


How can you experience memory; someone else's and your own?

Your perspective is held in a near-ganzfield, with an audio-collage of sounds with an affected spoken narrative happening, guiding you as a second person narrator, sequenced along with a color sequence mapped along channels of LEDs.


Performing Reality