Meet the Future

Come join me for a virtual trip to enjoy the different scenery in the world, from the comfort of your own home!!!

Mingren Fu


In my project, I've decided to create a Mixed Reality (XR) experience for my audience by combining Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) together. As a traveler, I would like to experience different environments before I have physically been to a place. Thus, one of the intended goals of my project is to provide a convenient way for people to get a sense of different types of outdoor environments from the comfort of their own home. The outdoor environments featured in my project include both nature (such as the ocean) and urban (such as the park) sights. To achieve my intended goal, I've proposed an installation for a pair of smart-glasses that will hopefully exist one day in the future. The idea (or concept) behind my installation proposal is that people will be able to view everyday objects at home from a completely brand-new perspective by simply wearing the futuristic smart-glasses. The featured outdoor environments in this project are displayed in multiple virtual 3D spheres. These spheres are created by using 360° panoramas images taken at different places around the world. Each of them is attached to its related real-life object. When the audience walks into one of the virtual spheres, they will get a super immersive experience while being surrounded by the whole (360°) space. To put it in another perspective, they will be able to look around the space in all directions inside the virtual sphere. This immersive experience will not only come from the visual aspect but the audio aspect as well. In other words, people will also hear different types of sounds as they enter any of the spheres. For instance, when they walk into a sphere of Ocean, they will be hearing the sound of waves splashing in addition to being surrounded by virtual nature.

Comm Lab: Hypercinema

Cyborgian Rock

The Cyborgian Rock, a fictional entity experienced via a chatbot, stimulates animistic imagination in the user.

Maria Maciak


The Cyborgian Rock (CR) explores the untapped potentialities of social presence theory in technology. Social presence can be defined as the sense of being with another and is exploited by the designers of products such as Alexa or Tamagotchi.

The CR experience is the opposite of our encounters with consumer techno-products. It does not serve a utilitarian purpose or provide consumerist pleasures. Instead, it steers one towards reflections on nature, ancient traditions, and traditional modes of understanding as they relate to the modern experience.

The rock entity speaks obliquely, evoking both a sense of a non-human consciousness and providing the negative space necessary for a sense of social presence. The rock's responses touch on ideas stemming from animistic traditions, thus marrying the digital interface design and ancient modes of projecting social presence onto the natural world.

IMALR-GT.202, IMALR-GT.201 , IMALR-GT.201 , IMALR-GT.202
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Nonclub is a room in passing, modeled after spaces we've lost access to and offered as an interruption, a break from digital overload.

Christina Lan


Nonclub developed over a course of exploring re-enactment, simulation, and memory in relation to underground spaces and sound. In thinking about the effects on mental health from the loss of certain spaces, this piece hopes to create an analogous experience that offers new ways of perceiving embodiment and forming connections.

Critical Experiences, Critical Experiences

Entering the Deep

Entering the deep via a curated web experience. Taking on a journey through seeing deep creatures with an immersive spotlight feature. A easy fun multiplayer game of cleaning up the ocean is awaiting!

Po-Wen Shih


The deep is a mysterious and colorful place. A place of cold and hot, dark and high pressure. What is it like to be in the deep sea and… is it possible to get there? I asked myself. In fact, more people have traveled into space than have traveled to the deep ocean realm…

This immersive exploration and multiplayer game combines my research in Critical Experience Studios and web development tools learnt from Connections Lab in fall term 2020.

I wish to share my observations with you to the deep sea ecosystem. Please join me in entering the deep and see an imaginative and curated experience.

IMALR-GT.202, IMALR-GT.201 , IMALR-GT.201 , IMALR-GT.202
Critical Experiences, Connections Lab, Connections Lab, Critical Experiences

Mobile Botanic Park

Mobile botanic park, a new way for inspiring Urban-symbiosis

, , Yiru Lu


In a hundred years, 70 percent of Shanghai's native plants have been classified as rare or seriously rare. Urban species unity(lacking diversity) is increasing at an invisible rate. In order to satisfy urban life and human needs, we use herbicides against unwanted species, blaming the invasive species therefore covering up the vulnerability of habitats created by urban civilization.

This project will attempt to intervene in the ecology of public space by introducing species and nature topics from local ecology into urban public life through mobile buses.

Critical Experiences, Critical Experiences
Social Good/Activism,Sustainability