Sensor Battle (Star Wars Edition)

Remotely controlled synchronous RC car battle entertainment

Minyoung Bang, Rui Shang, Sara Ro, Yifei Gao, Zhaozhi Liu


In the spirit of COVID-19 remote learning, we wanted to create synchronous entertainment done remotely – the first ITP Sensor Battle. We are a group of 5 members located in 13-hour-difference time zones and we created a live sensor battle entertainment connected via UDP server. This is a match among 3 players to determine the best and strongest sensor. 3 players, in the USA, are battling with 3 different sensors – joystick, gesture and muscle sensors – connected to the battle (UDP) server to control their respective RC cars in Beijing battle ground. The battle ground and competing RC cars are in Beijing and players and their sensors are in the USA.

The team ideated 4 different gameplays to determine the battle, but after putting to the vote to the ITP class of 2022, we decided on the Paintball gameplay. Each RC car has a canvas and a paint gun mounted; and the players eliminate the others by shooting the paint on the other players’ mounted canvases.

Technicality aside, we imagined ourselves as extraterrestrial beings representing different sensor communities. The Sensor Battle is taking place at Star-dium stadium on the remote frontier planet of Batuu. Hope you enjoy! *Vulcan Salute*

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Wall Bear

A wall hanging Tamagachi you must feed bio data and intentionality to ensure it doesn't annoy you.

Duncan Figurski


Finding time to be intentional or playful can be challenging, and often the spontaneity of spending a moment on something frivolous can evade us. I wanted to create an animal that lived on your wall and demanded play in intermittent cycles to break up the monotony of the day. The Wall Bear uses blood oxygen levels, or when set to a different mode uses the sensor as a small theremin to give you an opportunity to have more fun with the notes. If you do not feed it it will sonically nudge you to a more playful place, the hope being that an air of seriousness can be dislodged.

Originally meant to incite meditative practice the Wall Bear was shifted to take on a more childlike personality, the action becomes more about preoccupying a restless child than finding a moment of calm. Hopefully that restless child is you, and in this moment of preoccupation you can find a lightness in your day, a new way of experiencing time, and a new enjoyment for the frivolous.

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ITP Weather Band: Introduction

ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music, interactive objects, and visuals with weather data collected from a DIY weather station. Come meet the band and learn about our weather system.

Atchareeya Name Jattuporn, Lu Lyu, Cy Kim, Schuyler DeVos, Siyuan Zan, Sihan Zhang, Yiting Liu, Yeseul Song


ITP Weather Band is an experimental band creating music, interactive objects, and visuals with weather data collected from a DIY weather station. We built a DIY weather station system and created experimental instruments that turn the environmental data into music and visuals. We explore new ways of delivering information and stories about our immediate environment through the auditory and visual sense. We’re growing into an open source project.

The band consists of faculties, alums, and graduate students at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU ITP) and beyond. We started the weather station project in 2019 as a sub-group of ITPower and launched the band in January 2020.

See here for the details and full credits

We had a special collaborator, Yichan Wang ( pursuing her MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, for the weather band website.

At the winter show 2020, we're introducing:

* ITP Weather Station System by ITP Weather Band
A DIY weather station system that posts data to the web to be accessed from anywhere in the world for creative projects.

* Weather Data Visualization Interfaces by Yiting Liu, Atchareeya Name Jattuporn, and Cy Kim
On this website, you get to see the visualization of all the data or select a specific part of data based on dates, id numbers, and categories.

* Weather Band Website by Yichan Wang (New School, visual system design) and Schuyler W DeVos (development).
A visual system and website with a graphical weather mobile that sensitively reacts to the real-time weather data.

* Weather Instruments made by the band members, including

Meteor Shower by Sihan Zhang
: A p5 sketch that generates a meteor shower scene and relaxing music using wind and rain data

Gust Sound by Lu Lyu (shown at a separate spot on Yorb)

Leaf Dance by Siyuan Zan (shown at a separate spot on Yorb)

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AM, PM is a light and sound installation which creates a safe space for people who suffer from timezone differences under pandemic to connect, heal and reconstruct, by delivering an intimate story of two lovers in a public intermediary.

Echo Xuan Tang, Esther Xinxin Zhang


12, is how New York and Shanghai share their time difference, a motif we experience and accommodate everyday as a Go Local student under pandemic. This mulled into AM, PM.

In AM, PM, audiences are able to enter, stay, sit, lie down and meditate in a cozy living room space and to interact with breathing lights to fill up space with an audio story. The dual-track audio clip mumbles white noises from daily routines, with the breathing lights giving out clues of time-shifting and differences.

We expect that amid speculating the storyline, of two lovers separated in different timezones, intertwined feelings of bittersweet, and twisted comfort can be revealed to our audience. We made a bold try to push the boundary of exposing private emotions, feelings, and trivial life bits to relatively public space but not too much compromise comforts of participants. We expect our audiences are not only observers outside but participants in this private world and feel empathetic to some extent.

We sincerely invite you into this couple's world and imprint your trace, as “this is not defeating an impossible nor pushing limits, but assuring capabilities within us and being able to continue.”

Time lags, but love doesn't.

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" "

Hurt was always accumulated little by little until it became permanently incurable.

Yiran Wang


The project title “ ” is blank, meaning something was existed but hidden and missing at some point in time. In this piece, I recall my memory and choose an object—classroom locker—which is traumatic for me when I was in senior school.I created a black box which has the similar shape with classroom locker and put paper and stepper motor inside. I try to concern about the mental state and emotion when people experienced repressive and despairing moments, expressing the feelings that the hurt was always accumulated little by little until it became permanently incurable. Paper is fragile, floundering and easy to be distorted and broken, as well as human beings.

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Accessible maze game

The accessible maze game: test your hearing senses and increase your awareness of visual impairment in a playful format.

Kseniia Balaenkova


Me and another ITP student Wendy Wang created a maze that was made with visually impaired people in mind. The player can be guided through the maze only by sounds. For people, whose vision is not affected, the game offers an opportunity to understand how difficult it can be to rely just on hearing sense. At first, it is challenging and confusing to navigate through maze but once you get used to it, it becomes a fun and interesting challenge. The maze is generated randomly every time, and its complexity can be easily changed in the code. The player’s movement is controlled with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Sounds are played in a list format and the player can't move until the sounds are finished playing. All the sounds are easily distinguishable, and left and right sounds were made stereo so that they can be played in a left ear or right ear respectively. To understand the game easier, the greetings and instructions are played when the person first loads the game and can be listened again at any point by pressing Shift key.

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Blooming is an interactive art installation of a serial about seeing and appraising all kinds of life styles. The whole process is accomplished through showing unique plant for each participant and bringing relaxing experience for the participant and viewers.

Jingyuan Li, Junzhu Zhang, Yilin Zou


What kind of lifestyles or habits are defined as “perfect”? Are we hiding our lifestyles out of the fear to be isolated by others?

In this project, we are recognizing and presenting the lifestyles of different individuals to reduce misunderstanding. To visualize lifestyles, we use flowers and plants which will change according to the movement and characteristics of different individuals, and map the pattern behind the furniture which represents one specific lifestyle.

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Musical gloves

Trying to interpret sign language in an artistic way

Jiayuan Li


Sign language is a different way of communication and it is a special language. This way of communication is silent. When I see people using sign language, I feel sign language is very mysterious, and it is very beautiful.In this project, I am trying to interpret sign language in an artistic way. I used sign language to create music and visuals so that I can provide musical performance for the audience. This project aims to combine touch, visual, and auditory to create a multi-dimensional sensation for users when they use sign language.

projection version:

digital version:

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